Year By Year:

Some experiential highlights — and lowlights — of being a complicated human on a search for simplicity, spirituality, and some sorta' success.

Current year in progress (2020) already overflowing with interesting anecdotes, stay tuned for a full recap on New Years Day.

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 ✭ renovated a recording studio
 ✭ caught salmonella
 ✭ wrote song # 300 (and 59 more)
 ✭ had a tattoo removed
 ✭ broke a lease after one week
 ✭ fell in love
 ✭ got cussed out on a first date
 ✭ sang at a wedding
 ✭ attended a family funeral
 ✭ became a notary
 ✭ meditated for 4,100 minutes
 ✭ removed 2 wasp nests
 ✭ called DHS on a suspicious drone
 ✭ saw my first black widow
 ✭ played gig # 1,000 (and 42 more)
 ✭ learned 128 new songs
 ✭ hosted a live sports talk show
 ✭ was audited by the IRS
 ✭ earned a window office promotion
 ✭ made 318 friends
 ✭ discovered a peanut allergy
 ✭ stayed 100% sober
 ✭ wrote with 3 hit songwriters
 ✭ tried a baptist church
 ✭ ate a very hot chicken sandwich

2018 and the Before Times

The Elves are currently hard at work on making these archives available, check back for thrilling and chilling tales.