Song a Week

I'm writing a song every week. Please join me.

How often have you begun to make something - a song, a poem, a drawing or painting, whatever your outlet is - and given up because it wasn't the best thing you had ever done? I used to abandon approximately 30 song ideas per year, but I've found a way to stop.

As any artist knows, the creative process is a dynamic experience. Musicians, painters, writers, sculptors, we're at our best when we are most raw, honest, and in touch with our feelings. But we also know that reality can be a very harsh place to live with an artist's heart.

Song a Week encourages us to create without fear of judgment or quality control. To foster a nurturing environment without worrying about making a mediocre song, an imperfect sculpture, an incomplete mural; to act with passion and express ourselves, unrefined and open.

Free time is a challenge; most weeks I have very little. The point is not to spend all of our time writing. Rather, modest and manageable dedication to writing a little every week; an hour or two is plenty. After all the goal is growth and consistency, not schedule whiplash.

More than 6,000 songs have been submitted to Song a Week by about 300 artists worldwide. I invite you to join the Facebook group, follow on Instagram and Twitter, and check out the Youtube channel. Oh, and please spread the word!

Let's create great art and share it with each other.

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