Your Soul is a Million Souls

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I wonder what would you do if I could rap for you
Tell me would you maybe like for me to reach for the mic
Because you’re teaching me about diversity
Not just a pigment of skin but how a soul can be

So many colors and shapes it’s like a carnival babe
I’m feeling just like a kid again behind my eyelids
There’s all these wonderful sights I wanna’ share all the light
Right back to you because I’m just a guest on your time

And so I’m going to learn how I can start taking turns
With you and taking the lead so you can take a back seat
But when you’re ready to drive I wanna’ slide to the side
Any direction you go is where I’m headed, you know

I don’t think I’ve ever known a girl so brave and so grown
So young and beautiful yes but watch her also profess
About the things she believes and what society needs
Her courage breaks down the walls I used to build I recall

Your soul is a million souls

A wonder just to behold the stories that she has told
The people out in the world who touched the life of this girl
Of every background and type with everything that she likes
Her heart is open to change and so I must rearrange

The things I used to be sure would never change anymore
A way I shut out the things I never ever could bring
Myself to let in my head and books that I never read
She even reads them to me I think it’s setting me free

Your soul is a million souls

And now as I write this rhyme she may be resting a time
In southern comfort so sweet she taps her foot to the beat
My future days are for her and I hope she understands
That all her lessons I learn will make me more of a man

 - June 2015 -                                                                      #094