With A Sigh

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Not every story can sound like a fairy tale
Sometimes the lovers don’t love in the end
Not every promise lasts but I believe anyway
Somehow someday that I’ll see you again

We couldn’t have guessed
But nevertheless
I sing to the wind
As the raindrops roll off my skin

With a sigh and a kiss as the train leaves the station
I know I’m gonna’ miss you it’s hard to be patient
While the hands on the clock and the seasons are changin’
But me and my kiss we will be right here waitin’ with a sigh

Maybe it’s early a little too soon to tell
Or maybe I’m late how would I know
Pick me a rose and I’ll pick you a daffodil
Before they all freeze under the snow

You brought me to life
Totally opened my eyes
Left hours ago
But I’m never letting you go

 - July 2020 -                                                                                                                                    #374