Where You Used To Be

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Sitting in the sunshine
As it fades in the window
Sipping on something nice and sweet

I can see the birds fly
Southwest making shadows
Isn’t that a lot like you and me

Honey if I knew
It was gonna’ be my last night with you
Well I woulda’ done it different yeah I woulda’ done it right

But tonight I’m in the back seat
Trying hard to make my heart beat come back down
And there’s a empty pack of cigarettes where you used to be

Kicking up a dust cloud
Both heels in the gravel
Stumbling away from yesterday

Try to shake the rust out
If the wheels are gonna’ travel
Anywhere anytime anyway

Honey I don’t care
If we’re ever gonna’ wake up way back where
Everything is looking perfect everything is looking fine

Cuz tonight I’m in the fast lane
Letting go before the last one hits the floor
And there’s a stain the shape of Mexico where you used to be

There’s a dirty pile of clothing
There’s a nickel on the dresser
There’s a ring around the shower
There’s a broken radiator
There’s a flower on the table
There’s a telephone receiver
There’s a sign above the doorway
There’s a ribbon on the railing
There’s a busted old umbrella
There’s a tape of someone talking
There’s a poorly written letter
There’s a suitcase full of nothing

 - February 2018 -