Where I Came From (I Think I Forgot)

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Skies have brightened since the early rain 
And down in Chicago it’s a first down 
Atlanta in front of Carolina 
They blow their whistles and sound like birds 

It’s been a long afternoon 
He feels like he’s open for the first time 
I been asleep since I can remember 
And while i was out it got so cold 

I think I have lost something I knew so well 
I think I forgot where I came from 

When she left I was not so concerned 
With her absence, but rather I feared 
In the souls of her shoes all the little rubber ridges 
And the mud she’d track in when she returned 

To be honest I forgot she was gone 
Like so many white rooms erase the bourbon 
But tonight after winds so fast I spun 
Seeing is believing and she’s back home 

I think I have lost something I loved so dear 
I think I forgot where I came from 

One shot two shots three four five
It’s cold out here, we gotta’ do something to stay alive
One shot two shots three four five
And I’m talking in my sleep

 - November 2001 -                                                                    #016