Whatever We Are

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You didn’t mean to meet me
I didn’t mean to meet you too
Just ‘cause it’s right don’t mean it’s easy
No one knows that more than you

I know life is complicated
Sometimes downright upside down
But something hit me and I need to say it
Just to hear how it sounds

Whatever we are apart let us be those things together
A couple weathered hearts marking time in equal measure
You were midnight and a spark lit up the sky like buried treasure
Shining under all of those stars
Making us whatever we are

I’m not sure what’s going down here
You’ve just been on my mind
And I get the feeling what we found here
Is pretty hard to find

You got things you must attend to
Well the same is true for me
I wanna’ be your lover and your friend too
And everything in between

 - February 2022 -                                                                                                                        #552