What Else You Got

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 * co-written with Dan Rivers

Packed it all up in a rental van
Guitar a girl and a half assed plan
Heard that it’s a 10 year town
Better start makin’ the rounds

Fifty cold calls ‘til they let me in
Tiny office and a guy named Slim
Thought my first song had a pretty good shot
Then he said, “what else ya’ got”

I got mouths to feed I got bills to pay
A dog and a wife and an H.O.A.
I got high blood pressure one bad knee
And a Volvo leakin’ antifreeze
To top it all off one verse and Slim said stop
What else you got

Hot take from my Uber driver
What I needed was a great co-writer
Said he was Tim McGraw’s third cousin
Hell he’d written almost a dozen

We wrote a track just right for Garth
Got as far as the driveway guards
Sang it through the intercom
A voice came back, “what else you got”

I got outta’ state plates and two flat tires
And a radio tuned with needle nose pliers
I got bootleg cable and uh, Obamacare
And holes in all my underwear
Dann Huff told me son you’re really good, NOT
What else ya’ got

I got to thinkin’ how hard could it be
To start a publishin’ company
Get the writers all lined up around the block
Just so I can tell ‘em what else ya’ got

I got smoker’s cough I got whiskey shits
And a mother in law that just won’t quit
I got plumber’s crack I got athlete’s foot
And I’m still a long way from Brentwood
There goes the mansion, the Rolex and the yacht
What else ya’ got

Look out Music Row I’m comin’ in hot
What else ya’ got

 - February 2021 -                                                                                                                       #438