Waiting For April

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In the ice and the snow when there ain’t no place warm to go
Ask me just how I know she’ll be here
Six or seven below blurry eyes and a runny nose
Just when I feel exposed she appears

One by one these icicles melt and I unfreeze finally compelled
For the first time only by grace am I able
Two by two we wake to the sight of a new world thawed overnight
So I’ll stand here lovingly patiently grateful waiting for April

Like an ember beneath blackened timber with jagged teeth
Smoke surrenders the leaves which ascend
Minutes ticking away not persuading my faith to fade
Holding out for the days just ahead

And since New Years Day I’ve been setting the table
Because flowers in May need the showers of April
March comes like a lion goes out like a lamb
The one that I dream of will soon take my hand

So on March 31 she is hailing a ride
Headed straight to the airport she’s glowing inside
And she gets on a redeye to visit the city
Where the frost turns to fog and the air’s not so chilly

 - September 2016 -