Vote For Me

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Some men’s souls are shallow pools
Tepid and translucent
Others onyx overrules
And mine cannot diffuse it

Iron oars in circles tore
The surface and belabored
A capillary tension of
Our antihero savior

Rusted razor busted brain
Collapse perhaps beholden
Spinning out without a doubt
Exactly like we told ‘em

All the horses know the road
Toward the city center
Lucky break the bills were fake
Unspent illegal tender

Consequently now I call
For immediate recall
Of interference
And fallacy

So my hat is in the ring
No campaign just songs to sing
Dump the trouble
And vote for me

Left then right then left again
One thousand miles ‘til morning
Guns and God and grand pianos
Blazing blessing burning

Ticking tocking talking to
A second hand revolving
Underdressed and overwhelmed
Defenses all dissolving

A war on peace is underway
Democracy has spoken
Forget the flood we’re out for blood
The armory is open

By sword a man may live and die
And yet the pen is stronger
What then of words which open fire
On wounds which linger longer

 - January 2017 -