Various Sorts Of Fish

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This face that you see
Well it’s not really me
It’s just how I look this time ‘round

I’ve been women and men
I’ve been man’s best friend
Every place from the Ritz to the pound

And my brain can be hazy
From pushing up daisies
Between every life and the next

But some memories of mine
There’s no passage of time
No that could ever make me forget

I was born as a toad
And I ran ‘cross the road
Against all the advice I was given

Wreaking havoc for truckers
Those poor long haulin’ fellows / fun lovers
Before I made it to heaven

And the rush of the traffic
I was cryin’ and laughin’
Until that wide load did me in

I was crushed by the weight
Of a trailor whose freight
Was various sorts of fish

There were trains plains and cars
There were restaurants and bars
There were bad cooks and good politicians

There was root beers and colas
And Cindy Margolis
And drive thru Kentucky Fried Chicken

There were highs lows and middles
There were jokes puns and riddles
But that’s not what I most remember

No the smell of fresh salmon
And the sound of trucks slammin’
That’ll stay with me forever

 - June 2021 -                                                                                                                               #476