Vampire in Reverse

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When the sun tags out and the moon tags in
You won’t find my feet on the street again
All that is the yin cannot abide the yang
From a stately smile losing all its fangs

How do you know on which side you belong
Partly it’s the sidewalk that you stand upon
Also it’s the apple that claims the careless tooth
The bloodline back before you the jeans within your boots

Somewhere in America there’s a real live scare
A bat from Transylvania second shift beware
Lucky me to linger and elude the midnight curse
One lost incisor and a coin in my purse
I’m a vampire in reverse

A long way from Wisconsin the last weekend in May
Two parents and a brother and a sister one sunny Saturday
Hopped a silver bullet to a modest pizza joint
On the corner of Mott St & Spring but that’s not the point

With a greasy paper napkin and some pepperoni breath
I found proof the Tooth Fairy’s real but I bet you’d never guess
Turns out her name is Larry she’s been there for 20 years
She spends 40 hours a week serving kids cold root beer

At the hotel back in Jersey, as the daylight faded slow
We all watched the evening kiss the Hackensack below
Talked about the Statue, Ellis Island and the Mets
Vampires don’t do anything like this and I’ll never forget

 - June 2016 -