User Error

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There’s a real big difference between the truth and what I see
Had to write it down so I remember
Keep losin’ ground when I’m livin’ the way it looks to me
I only win when I surrender

Got a memory of a man from college I turned into a grudge
Still workin’ on lettin’ go of that one
Not to mention those Sunday mornings where they told me anyone
Doin’ it any other way will be abandoned

But it’s not the teacher the preacher or the judge
No the rules weren’t written by a human hand
And if I’m not reaching for the one who lifts me up
Then the only reason I’m not a better man
Is user error

Now some of my plans are perfect some of them are flawed
Some bridges I cross the rest I burn ‘em
But they all come crashin’ down when I don’t give it up to God
That’s the lesson that I keep learning

I can’t tell the future
Hell I can barely see the past
But the promised land seems truer
When I don’t try to understand

 - September 2020 -                                                                                                                   #395