Used To Think It Was

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Maybe I’ve been wrong about some things
I can see that now
And maybe when the telephone won’t ring
It’s never been so loud
Or maybe I’m still dreaming and if the dream comes true
I’ll find everything I’ve lost
Maybe sorry’s not the same thing as I love you
I used to think it was

For the longest time there’s been hurting
Where I wish there was none
And too many names where I’ve determined
There should be only one
Forever I sought mercy on demand
No matter what the cost
But a highway isn’t any kind of friend
I used to think it was

Used to be so sure God I could have sworn
There was nothing I could do
But there’s some things I’d change if I could do it all again
Just between me and you

Last night I saw the moon rise through the trees
In a drunk and lonely sky
Spent the morning getting on my knees
Waiting for a sign
Something’s changed I can’t say the reason
Maybe it’s because
This is not the only road to freedom
I used to think it was

 - January 2022 -                                                                                                                        #547