Twice As Nice

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You were smooth
You were smiling
You were sending me signals all night

You were sweet
You were silly
You were shining beneath all those lights

And I wished
And I wondered
And I pinched myself more than one time

And I fell
And I knew it
And I wondered if you could be mine

Twice as nice and three times as funny
So much prettier with lips made of honey
Drunk on hope you are all you seem
Twice as nice at least in my dreams

You were faint
You were fading
You were something I saw in my mind

You were gone
You were history
You were everything I hoped to find

And I cried
And I called out
And I bent every ear I could bend

And I lay
And I slumbered
And I prayed I might hold you again

 - August 2022 -                                                                                                                        #587