Turn It Around

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There’s a hundred one expressions
About things gone wrong
I don’t got room for half of ‘em
To fit in this here song

But I got little good news
About life’s little fluctuations
I’ve yet to see it all come tumblin’ down
Despite our limitations

When we didn’t break it and we can’t fix it
If we didn’t start it and we cannot make it stop
Though we lack the power to 86 it
And we can’t even guarantee we’ll always be on top

Popular wisdom is I hear again and again
It’ll be alright before the lights go down
So if it ain’t alright yet then it’s not the end
And we still got plenty of time to turn it around

We’ve all had that moment
Something’s on the fritz
It all goes pear-shaped
And you get the yips

Things go sideways
You’re at your wits’ end
In dire straits
Remember my friend

 - April 2022 -                                                                                                                          #563