Too Soon

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You heard that expression “too good to be true”
Of which we hear people bein’ accused
But what’s the right amount of good, how much’ll do?
A man could understandably be confused

Let’s why not try and dig a little deeper
To these expressions about short falls and exceeders
Really use these noggins from lobes to peepers
And figure out which ones are throw aways and which are keepers

Can you be too real too weird or too funny
Never seen nothin’ too cute or too much money
I say no such thing and I just calls it like I sees it
But maybe “too soon” ok yeah I believe it

Maybe we’re really just talkin’ ‘bout moderation
And alluding at allegoric alliteration
By this point it might be semantic masturbation
Frankly that train done left the station

Even so was it right on time too late or too early
Too manly or too childish or a little too girly
So much lingistic twisting and I’m gettin’ squirrely
And if I keep it up I may pay dearly

 - October 2022 -                                                                                                                  #593