Time For Love

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The toys in the attic are old and worn 
They don’t sing and dance these days 
The ghosts in the cradle are cold and torn 
And don’t remember anyway 

You know I’d die for you, I’d even live 
I’d give you everything I have to give 
But it’s so late he said no time to lose 
I can’t do everything it’s time to choose 

She left before sunrise, I woke to find 
A half-mug of coffee black and cold 
The sheets are all crumpled, the pillows warm 
And I’m half dead beneath the fold 

I’ll tell you this she said over the phone 
When I was next to you I felt alone 
I think we need some time, you know it’s true 
If I return some day I’ll come for you 

The last time he held her was long ago 
She belongs to someplace else 
But then when she wouldn’t just let him go 
He was set beside himself 

I miss your voice she said, and I miss your hands 
You bring the water to these desert lands 
And when she wrote him she said push came to shove 
Just goes to show I guess, there’s time for love

 - April 2002 -                                                                              #021