This Tree

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This tree is a lot like me
Slow swayin’ in a southern breeze
Forgetting’ ‘bout yesterday and the games Father Time plays
Doin’ it our own way

This tree’s been around forever
Growin’ tall in all kinds of weather
Generations come and go wish they knew the things it knows
No one comes close

I don’t judge this tree it don’t judge me
We just both keep growing old
Somethin’ ‘bout the mortal soul keeps chasin’ silver and gold
Not me all I need is this tree

This tree sittin’ in the sun
Isn’t tellin’ anyone
All the folks it’s known or where its roots are growin’
Just stands there all alone

This tree is gonna’ die someday
Much as it pains me to say
I’ll be long gone by then but I won’t forget my friend
This tree and I will meet again

 - October 2021 -                                                                                                                        #516