This One’s For You

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For the girl with the long dark hair
Who can light up a midnight anywhere
For the one with the deep brown eyes
And a smile that’ll give me butterflies

To the woman who’s on my mind
Even if I cannot explain sometimes
You will always be in my heart
Not a chance they can keep our hands apart

This one’s for you

So I’m letting the sunshine in
Yeah I’m looking to let our lives begin
And it’s you when I sing these words
You are holding the notes my soul has heard

This one’s for you

And I can’t believe it’s true
No I can’t believe it’s true
Well I can’t believe it’s true
But this one’s for you

To the ears that can always hear
With a wish and a hope beyond compare
But the truth isn’t where we are
Our future is filled with shooting stars

 - December 2016 -