This Is Not A Song

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This is not a song no it’s a credit card
Plastic with a hologram and a watermark
Good to fill the tank or empty out a shopping cart
The perfect silent partner to finish anything you start

This is not a song it’s a new pair of shoes
Laces in a bow lily white and baby blue
Waiting in their little box patiently for you
Ready to walk anywhere do anything you wanna’ do

This is not a song no it’s a pack of smokes
Light one up and take a drag feel it in your throat
Toss ‘em with a matchbook or a lighter in the pocket of your coat
You got a secret weapon now hit the road and go for broke

This is not a song it’s an IOU
Not green or gold just a pledge from me to you
Still workin’ out what it’s worth if you want the truth
May not buy you anything but it sure wants to

 - December 2019 -                                                                                                      #308