This Explains A Lot

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Took a little tour of the Pentagon
Every office came with a built in bong
Ain’t what I expected but I’ll tell you what
This explains a lot

Walking through the terrace saw Bill and Barack
Six pack of Coors they said c’mere and relax
Can’t believe my eyes I never woulda’ thought
But this explains a lot

34 acres of purple kush and gin and juice
Guess the Feds do what they gotta’ do
Finally gettin’ over the initial shock
This explains a lot

Looked like Mr. Milley was comin’ undone
Told me we’ll discuss it over a liquid lunch
If I catch his drift? Well, consider it caught
This explains a lot

Called up Ukraine to ask how’s it going
Heard the sound of a Zippo over the phone
Let out a chuckle and gave a little nod
This explains a lot

DC’s a big old mess of chronic and 100 proof
Can’t believe the sideshow I walked into
20,000 suits each as crazy as a fox
This explains a lot

No wonder their decisions never make any sense
They’re always under the influence

The district’s run on Pineapple Express & Absolut
What is this everlovin’ world coming to
No wonder all those expats started livin’ abroad
This explains a lot

 - February 2020 -                                                                                                                          #316