The Tears That I Can’t Cry

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 * co-written with Gordon Donaldson

Stillness of the evening, winter in the air
Footsteps moving slowly up the dusty stairs
Kneeling on the cedar folding my hands to pray
Fingers brush the pages underneath the frame

You’re the lips I can’t kiss, you’re the story I can’t twist
And you’re the mountains I can’t climb
The truth I can’t believe, the sky I cannot see
And you’re the tears that I can’t cry

Recognize the cover faded as it is
Ink’s a little blurry underneath my wrist
Tracing every sentence whispering the words
Let the memories in even though it hurts

You’re the flowers I can’t smell, the fortune I can’t tell
And you’re the sunlight I can’t find
The music I can’t hear, the moon that won’t appear
And you’re the tears that I can’t cry

Clutch it like a bible pressed against my chest
Silent as a the northern lights all except my breath
Been trying to change the ending guess I don’t know how
They say action speaks the strongest but these words are pretty loud

You’re the wheel that I can’t turn, the lesson I won’t learn
And you’re the clock I can’t rewind
The peace I’ll never know, the places I can’t go
And you’re the tears that I can’t cry

 - May 2020 -                                                                                                                                #354