The Door I Never Opened

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 * co-written with Crísthopper Armenta * 

Painted every corner
Really thought I knew this house of mine
This room I’ve never noticed
Wonder how it’d feel to walk inside

Would there be darkness in that moment
Or could sunlight fill the space and make it golden
Behind a door I never opened

Halfway down the hallway
Right between the kitchen and the stairs
No one here to tell me
What fills the room I didn’t know was there

Is it promises I’ve broken
Or is it all the things I left unspoken
Behind a door I never opened

Even if I wanted
Can’t pretend that something hasn’t changed
Heads I swing it open
Tails I turn around and walk away

With every breath I know it
Once I step inside I’ll never close it
The door I never opened

 - October 2019 -                                                                                                                #303