Tens Of Thousands

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Sometimes a question is not just a question
Words have the power to change
Somewhere between sin and confession
I started believing again

She asked me how many ways does He love me
From His throne up there in the sky
I said can you count the stars up above me
To be honest she paused I’ve never tried

What’s the largest number
Would that be enough
And which words we could wonder
Come anywhere close to describing His love

A lot unconditional
Real unprovisional
We all gotta’ feel it ourselves

A hundred a million
Six times one gazillion
Tens of thousands that’s as close as anything else

Where can I go to find Him who made me
She said I’d walk to the ends of the earth
I said He’s been here since you were a baby
Best place to look is inside your heart first

 - July 2022 -                                                                                                                                 #579