Ten Ton Crush

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Fairy tales on East Eighty Eighth
Who’s the big bad wolf
A trail of crumbs leading straight down the drain
Goldilocks herself

Be the change that I wanna’ see
Lift my chin to the rain
Slide down the railing and blow my house down
Climb in my window again

I got a ten ton crush I need a heavy touch
And we were trying say we just got carried away we had to feel that rush
You made me break my stare I was unaware
Oh baby try to abuse me honey how can we lose what never meant that much

Like a detective with a hook for hand
Or seven dwarves in a cell
Crosseyed crazy pigtails and grin
And I couldn’t even tell

Try to compare you try try and then
Big big laugh open wide
Which one is crazy which has a chance
And which is rotten inside

 - October 2016 -