Take Me Where I’ve Never Been Before

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I thought I was a dreamer without a dream
A blazing fast propeller fresh out of steam
But I’ve begun to wonder just what it means
To know the fortune teller ain’t all she seems

I heard it’s always darkest before the dawn
So what about the darkness within my bones
Come with me to the pasture outside of town
Tonight I meet my master but not alone

So ring the bells by morning how we always planned
Let this be a warning a circle in the sand
For thirty years I wondered what lies behind the door
I’m ready to go under take me where I’ve never been before

I hastened from a vision to no repose
A horse without a ribbon beyond exposed
My orders have been given these eyes are closed
The worse is my condition it’s overload

So mitigate my fever empty all the doubt
Lead me to believe you with witness or without
Deliver me from shipwreck a beacon on the shore
I’m headed for the apex take me where I’ve never been before

In searching for the answers I found the blues
There are no second chances to win or lose
But what about damnation desire or deja vu
A prayer for our salvation on Seventh Avenue

So pull the trigger slowly or fast it’s all the same
I’m begging you to show me no mercy in your name
Just push me to the limit and shake me to the core
Rewrite all the lyrics take me where I’ve never been before

 - November 2016 -