Standing In The Doorway

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I never did enjoy vacation
Too much free time freaks me out
Some people seem to strike a balance
I never could quite figure how

The rope I need to climb a mountain
Is plenty long to hang myself
And there’s somethin’ ‘bout just standin’
In the doorway between heaven and hell

Standing in the doorway with one foot either side
Could go either way it’s gettin’ hard to see the line
Tryin’ to see the future but it’s still to soon to tell
Standin’ in the doorway in between heaven and hell

When it’s midnight at the crossroads
There’s one train headed south
Another’s racin’ off the iron
One last chance to turn around

Where the point of no return is
Probably anybody’s guess
I keep watchin’ from the doorway
But I haven’t seen it yet

 - January 2022 -                                                                                                                         #543