Song A Week 2019

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Dear songsters from our weekly group, I wrote this one for you
To celebrate the awesome gift you’ve shared with all your tunes
I want to thank each writer, even though it’ll take awhile
So please sit back and settle in, and be prepared to smile

It’s been a sonic journey with two Marty’s and three Matts
And three great singers around the world named Emma, how about that
Victoria, Zahid and Tony, made it all worthwhile
And so did Tonia, Sergey, Rob, Mattias, Mark and Kyle

Rossel joined us, so did Sonshine, Wendy and three Stephens
Two Seths, Svaha, Shawn and Pio, all kept us believin’
Rachael, Richard, two Fionas, Øliver and Thor
Jess and Jesse, Joe and Jude, kept us comin’ back for more

We jammed with Sunny, Sandy, Sarah, Samuel and Liam
With Scott and Patrick, Paul and Pamela, Paula and Pauline
Three Mikes, two Michaels, Max and Janet, Jerry, Pat and Jane
Yes without Luciano, it would never be the same

Thanks to Lydia, Nathan too, and Lindsay for her music
Drew, Deanna, Davis, Ed and Holly got us movin’
Henry joined, and Emihle, four Andrews, and two Andy’s
All things considered, Ethan Frank and Eric all earned Grammys

Theresa, Tamora, Thao and Thomas, Tim Tim Tim and Tina
Erin, Evan, Francis, Frankie, Norman, Nik and Lia
Another Nik, a Nicholas, Marissa, Rich and Ricky
Griffin, Roy, and Madison, Nigel, Zed and Niki

Amelie and Andriana, Anthony and Carrie
Bryon, Carla, Caroline, GeeTee, Greg and Gary
Three Chris’s, Katie, Kristen, Kari, Christian and Christine
Keanazy, Kyle and Cristhopper, Deborah and Ãmîñe

Bernii, Brandon, Amahle, Annika and Blake
Jenny, Jen, and Jennifer, four Jameses and two Jakes
Jamie, Jay, another Jay, and yet another Jen
Keith, two Kevins, Claes and Clarence, Carol, Craig and Ken

Aaron, Abbie, Abril, Adam, Alan, Ben and Nick
Alex, Bill, Anoki, Ashley, Andile, Dave and Ric
Colin, Darren, Dallas, David, Isabella, Zack
Cherene, Ciaran, Carlo, Colby, Jackson, Jan and Jack

Three Dans, a Daniel, two Danielles, Denise, Joanna, John
And Jon without an H as well, he kept us rocking on
Donovan and Deepa, you were awesome, so was Julia
And finally, thank you Jordan, every song you sang was coolia

Can’t believe week 52 is just around the corner
The distance to the finish line is getting so much shorter
What a year it’s been and 2020’s fast approaching
Thanks for keeping Song A Week 2019 always growing

 - December 2019 -                                                                                                     #307