Somewhere In Idaho

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They both did everything that they could
Rings vows and honeymoon in Hollywood
He made that girl the center of his very world
But just cause you can it don’t mean you should

Life isn’t easy and love isn’t blind
And sometimes the lost are the first ones to find
There are some hearts that were made for falling apart
Sometimes to love means to leave it behind

But somewhere in Idaho he clocks into work
He don’t never say it but it always hurts
Twelve hours a day just tryin’ to pay
For two kids from a lifetime ago
That don’t even know
His heart made of gold
Is somewhere in Idaho

(Verse #2 omitted so the listener has a chance
To place themselves gently into the story
Without any details from other people’s lives
Distracting them from what’s real and true)

 - November 2022 -                                                                                                                     #631