Some Angels

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 * co-written with Eryn Michel

Lead me not into sweet temptation
I can find it on my own
I need every chance I’m takin’
To wind my way back home

Heaven knows the road to freedom
Is a long a crooked line
Well I been up and I been down and I been lookin’ for a reason
To stick around this time

Some angels can’t fly others never land
And some just hold your hand
Some dance in high heels others drink in snakeskin boots
Which kind are you

I don’t have some perfect offering
Against the demons or the ghosts
And I can’t wash away your suffering
Or fix the pieces that you broke

A city full of dreams and darkness
Named after things we don’t believe
But we forgive and we forget and sometimes we give in
Well I haven’t yet

Some angels light up others burn it down
And some don’t make a sound
Some angels never fall, some never got to choose
Which kind are you

I been risin’ up toward the settin’ sun
On a hundred red balloons
And I could stay or could I run or let it all just come undone
Which should I be doin’

Some angels have wings others have tattoos
And some just have the blues
Oh some angels watch over me and others cut me loose
Which kind are you

 - August 2021 -                                                                                                                     #492