Snow Globe

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 * co-written with Sarah Harralson

I’ve avoided my family all year
But then I came up with an idea
When I pulled out my holiday decor
And I found my escape door

My world’s been shaken up
Turned upside down
But I could be with a snowman
In his plastic town

If I could live in a snow globe this Christmas
It’d be the only thing on my wish list
I can’t hear you through this glass dome if you knock
This year I’m making my new home a snow globe

Nothing gets in or out
And I can turn up my music loud
Nobody’s snoring or crying or yelling
An over-cooked turkey won’t be what I’m smelling

The snow would fall down
The perfect amount
It’s just me and Santa
In this plastic town

 - October 2021 -                                                                                                                       #520