Six Of One

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 * co-written with Bart Pursley

Six of one half dozen the other
I checked the math and that’s the number
Either way the end will be the same you see

Makes no sense there’s no difference
If you give in and just accept it
Now it’s done six of one half dozen the other

I say the highway you say the freeway
Nothings changed it’s just a name game
Door number one or door number two
If they’re both locked it won’t matter at all to you
It’s true they’re the same go on and choose

Six of one half dozen the other
Look at one hand and then the other
Right or left they look the same to me you’ll see

Two dimes and a nickel or a quarter
No they don’t need to be in that order
Check the sum, Six of one, half dozen the other

Oh six of one
Half dozen the other

 - September 2020 -                                                                                                                  #391