Side Effects

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Did you know I’ve got nowhere else to go
I am free like a leaf upon the wind
Can we stop moving forward backward or side to side
Lift the needle as the vinyl spins

If I sign along the dotted line
Let the ink shimmer as it’s sinking in
Place my hand on my heart and speak
That I do and it’s true and has always been

I want you and or need you any side effects aside
Well you may or may not know it but I hereby recognize
To such extent I’m able and defined by us of course
On behalf of both our parties countersign that I am yours

No conditions must be levied terms explained or pre-approved
As the regulations vanish I will hereby pledge to you
That effective in this moment without limit or delay
I disclose my full devotion and remit to you the same

I submit as my Exhibit A
I can’t quit give you up or walk away
Study me by pentothal IV
Sure as night will always follow day

You’re the prize inside my Cheerios
You’re the fragile frozen crystal on my nose
You’re the law that I abide within which all my hope resides
You’re the compass everywhere I ever go

And the place my mind went when I read the fine print
Is that this legalese is finally paying off
And the few who ever find it we’ll they’re pleased as punch to sign it
Never mind the rules and rambles this is love

 - July 2018 -