Side By Side

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Swore I’d never leave your side
Through good and bad thick and thin
Love can outlast any fight
I’m no fairweather friend

Forget about who’s right who’s wrong
Just let those brilliant blue eyes cry
‘Cause like a thief the moment’s gone
But I’m still standing by your side

Love me or hate me
Build me up or break me
Pretend it’s all so black and white

I know you’re hurtin’
But one thing’s for certain
After we turn out the lights

I’ll be yours night after night
Side by side

It’s hard enough to be a man
Modern world ain’t got a clue
So I can’t begin to understand
What it must be like for you

We don’t pick the cards we’re dealt
Don’t even pick who’s dealin’
A little time beneath this belt
Tells me pain is made for healin’

Yes honey we’re gonna’ fight the good fight
Side by side

 - June 2022 -                                                                                                                               #576