See You Soon

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After school me and Maria
Would always meet by the monkey bars
Trade tall tales and watch the sun set
Forget our stress beneath the stars

If either of us saw the other
Between the halls that afternoon
One smile would say it all and then some
Same time same place I’ll see you soon

It wasn’t long ‘til graduation
Was just a distant memory
Taxes day jobs and apartments
Stood where the swing set used to be

One day I surprised us both and
Popped the question like balloons
Never will forget that feeling
Bound for the church I’ll see you soon

From the moment that we met until this strange hospital bed
If we tried we couldn’t plan a better life
So as she lifted up our baby I said I love you both like crazy
To this child and to her everything my wife

I know I won’t live forever
Nor will Maria I suppose
Maybe future generations
Will find a way you never know

But when it’s time to meet my maker
You know I’ll sing a little tune
To sweet Maria as I’m fading
Goodnight my dear I’ll see you soon

 - April 2017 -