Say It While I Can

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 * co-written with Shawn Hedderman *

One cream two sugars some things never change
Always know which one is yours
Corner table will never be the same
When you walk out the door

We shared everything the beauty and the hurt
You were my best friend
Didn’t know it’d be so hard to find the words
Sitting here again

In the distance a train is passing through
A lot like me and you
Lost and lonesome the way it all began
Better say it while I can

Thought we’d grow together ‘til we’re old and gray
Instead we grew apart
Want to say it all before you walk away
Didn’t think it’d be this hard

In this moment, there’s only you and me
When we were seventeen
Clock is ticking I hope you understand
Gotta’ say it while I can

How many winters were we silent as the snow
Feels good to get it off my chest
Ten more seconds hold my hand then let it go
I guess it’s for the best

Grab my coat as you walk away from me
Like strangers on the street
I can’t fight it when you turn for one last glance
Gotta’ say it while I can

 - March 2019 -                                                                                #268