Right On The Line

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One man’s hell is another man’s heaven
One day losin’ is another day’s lesson
First step taken leads into a second
But you’re right on the line

Good and bad sometimes they’re Irish cousins
Flip a coin 50/50 you’ll get lucky
Sometimes the sun comes out sometimes it doesn’t
And you’re right on the line

In between safe and sorry
In between now and then
In between what is and what could be

Well there’s somethin’ in the air
And I can’t deny it’s there
In between you and me

Drugs don’t kill people broken hearts do
It’s a shame but that don’t mean it isn’t true
Sometimes I wanna’ be the only drug you use
Right there on the line

Who’s to say which side is light and which is dark
What cannot be and what’s been written in the cards
We leave tonight you don’t need nothin’ but your heart
Meet me at the line

 - September 2022 -                                                                                                                 #591