Right Again

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When everybody knows your name
That’s a blessing and a curse
Love is such fickle game
And we both had our share of hurt

We were so hot it went to hell
And when you left my heart was broke
It may seem I’m doin’ swell
But there’s some things you ought to know

If you figured I was livin’ large
Sleepin’ late to party hard all night
Well you’d be right

If you thought I’s probly doin’ shots
Wearin’ out my blue suede dancin’ shoes
Yep that’s right too

If you guessed I won the lottery
And all this cash is goin’ to my head
Well you’ve me pegged

If you see right through my lies
And realize that I’m broke down without a friend
Right again

I wonder if you feel a thing
When you see me passin’ through
There’s some places I can’t go
Unless I want to think of you

Course I miss the time we shared
A part of me still wants you back
But just in case you really care
No speculatin’ here’s the facts

 - November 2022 -                                                                                                     #632