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We had a deal
Did you forget
Or did you think that I would blink
I haven’t yet

Be silent now
Where is your pride
Call out my name there ain’t no shame
In taking sides

So grab the cash
And try to run
Without a doubt there’s no way out
From what you’ve done

Be like a stone
Ten stories high
Five hundred pounds straight to the ground
Let me see you try

If you fix the motor
Before the wheels break loose
The road may lead to freedom
So be careful what you do

Don’t ever doubt the power
Of a dollar or a knife
Remember how you got here
To the last night of your life

We knew the score
Beyond a doubt
You know from here it’s pretty clear
There’s no way out

Be where you are
And wait for me
Stand or kneel knees or heels
It’s all the same to me

So stop the clock
And start to run
Go anywhere I’ll find you there
Before I’m done

Beware the words
You never heard
We’ll see it all written on the wall
Only afterward

If you get to Reno
Before I gun you down
You might just have a fighting change
To make it in that town

You need to learn to gamble
If you’re planning to survive
Watch your back you might just
Make it out alive

 - December 2017 -