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My friend I wonder so many things
What brings a smile to your face
And when it’s raining what do you think of
Or do you hide out someplace

Do you remember what the first joke you heard was
How many bones have you broken
Which sock and shoe do you start with in the morning
And have you been to the ocean

So in a moment I’ll ask a question
To you and you alone, never fear
No one can hear us this conversation
Is safe and sound, secret and sincere

QUESTION 1: Are you happy where you are?
(now let me give you a couple moments to respond)

QUESTION 2: Do you realize you are loved?
(there’s no wrong answer, go ahead, carry on)

You’re doing great, and we’re still just warming up,
So settle in for a few more queries yet
The next one’s important so you’ll get a little extra
Silence to reset your epithets

QUESTION 3: What are you wearing?
OMG - I’m kidding - that would be a case of song abuse
For real the question is, and take your time here,
What would you do next if you knew you couldn’t lose?

I like your answer, and I like your courage
To say it all out loud here and now
After all it’s only you and me
Sharing what we’re working for and how

Here comes the final I hope you studied
Your answers will determine where you land
So QUESTION 4 is: All things considered,
Did you know you’re holding heaven in your hands?

 - January 2017 -