Puerto Rico What Is Your Secret

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Heavy as a tidal wave washing up on shore
Easy honey we got saved so many times before
Altogether let it breathe
Ready we can stand beneath
Trouble with a T on the double with a D in the rubble of a jubilee

And maybe it was Jacksonville could be twenty years
Smoking on a picnic bench naked in the pines
Underneath a half pint moon swimming in the summer air
Neon ether motel crush gasoline and wine

Devil in a paper bag like the southern tide rolling up in rags
Early in a morning dive lift another drag let the feeling rise
Risky letting out the words to escape a tongue let alone who heard
Angel with a blackened lung to a hummingbird beautiful and stunned

Nowhere near the finish line this is not the end
Gracefully a last goodbye or funeral for a friend
Elevator tumble dry sixty second drop
Lemonade and stumble by take it from the top

 - July 2016 -