Protest Song

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You deserve better than what you been gettin’
Oh and it’s long overdue
Respect and understanding patience and grace
Everyone who knows you knows it’s true

She needs compassion and he needs the same
Both wonder where to find a friend
Maybe we’d feel different if we’d act like everybody
Is doin’ the best they can

I have no right to protest my thoughts are uninformed
My voice has no authority to claim
But I cannot stand idly by when human hearts are hurting
So still I stand in protest just the same

We teach each other how to treat each other
And sometimes we get it wrong
There’s no need to panic we’re in this thing together
Just tryin’ to walk each other home

Tonight we need no army to fight for what is right
Only what we carry in our hands
A candle to shine mercy on the ones who need it most
Might it help us understand

 - December 2020 -                                                                                                       #427