Promotional Sweatshirt

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On your front there is a logo
Round the back another logo
Up your sleeves what can I find
That’s right another logo

Can’t tell what you’re made of
Not vinyl, definitely not cotton
That’s less important than those logos
And making sure they’re not forgotten

Promotional sweatshirt I remember where you’re from
Promotional sweatshirt for Nutrition Dot Com
Promotional sweatshirt keep me warm and advertise
Promotional sweatshirt you didn’t cost a dime

A little of scratchy round the neck
With a shape that’s kind of awkward
But you’re perfect for moving day
Or when I’m doing laundry

You’re smaller than a large
But bigger than a medium
In that no man’s land
Where you only fit a mannequin

 - September 2022 -                                                                                                                 #589