Pretty Much

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QVC’s got nothin’ on you
Baby lemme’ tell you what
No the Dollar Tree just won’t do
‘Cause I need somethin’ only you got

Everybody’s tryin’ but nobody knows
I can’t lie to my heart
Seen the rest and nothin’ came close
You been the best from the start

I’d be pretty much lost without you
There’s pretty much no one else
And I pretty much think about you
Night and day if you couldn’t tell

Through the worse and the better for pretty much ever
Hope you never give me up
You just happen to be everything I need
Pretty much

Once in a pinch I had to make do
Chillin’ with the guys from work
Hammers and wrenches that carried me through
But most of them dudes are jerks

Now don’t get me wrong I love a good cookout
Grillin’ a steak with my friends
But everybody knows that I’m on the look out
Until you’re back again

And I’m pretty much gonna’ say I pretty much wanna’
Do whatever makes you blush
You’re my strawberry shake the icin’ on my cake
Pretty much

 - May 2020 -                                                                                                                                 #359