Planting The Seeds

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Five foot nothin’ leather for skin
County line furthest he’s ever been
Diesel engine big cloud of dust
Live and die by the land

Ain’t no backtalk do all your chores
One turned seven other one’s four
Proud of teachin’ and raisin’ ‘em up
Fine as anyone can

Soil is rich pockets are empty
House is fallin’ apart
Work the field yield’ll be plenty
In the home and the heart

Nothin’ comes easy there’s no guarantees
Still he’s planting the seeds

One hard morning he will not rise
Tears will fill up his children’s eyes
Angels came down from heaven above
Guess it’s time to go home

Ain’t no bible for bailin’ the hay
Ain’t no preacher who knows what to say
That don’t stop ‘em from spreadin’ his love
Where the seeds are all sewn

 - February 2021 -                                                                                                                      #435