Pink Coral Sand Dune

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The last thing I remember
Walking slowly up the beach
Faded shorts the shade of sherbert
Clouds the color of a peach

Hobble over to the tiki
Plan to heed their expertise
Somethin’ called a pink coral sand dune
To wash away these memories

In a glass as tall as Fuji
With thicker ice than yet remains
Up there in the Artic circle
Hopin’ this’ll numb the pain

Sipping all my worries westward
Off into the setting sun
Bottoms up and sweet surrender
Pink coral sand dune here I come

All my failures are behind me
Only promise up ahead
Tradin’ all my reservations
For oblivion instead

No more thinkin’ ‘bout tomorrow
This here’s my fantasy du jour
A rainbow flavored daydream
What I was always lookin’ for

 - March 2022 -                                                                                                                            #562