Phoning It In

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Please forgive me but today
I’ve got nothing smart to say
Why’d I promise I would write
One song every seven nights

Whose big brilliant dumb idea
Let’s blame congress and Korea
Someday soon I’ll make you proud
Maybe next week but for now

I’m phoning it in
Yeah I cut myself some slack
So before we begin
Let’s be clear and face the facts

That I’m phoning it in
Because the good guys are afraid
That the bad guys might win
And it’s useless anyway

Hey I’m phoning it in
With each number as I dial
I surrender again
And I have been for awhile

Well I’m phoning it in
Don’t you try to change my mind
No you know where I’ve been
And it’s no one’s fault but mine

Now I’m phoning it in
So I’ll tell whoever asks
With a big stupid grin
Pucker up and kiss my ass

Yes I’m phoning it in
I could tell you that I tried
But the chances are slim
That you’d buy my little lies

Look I’m phoning it in
Why not call it what it is
Take it right on the chin
Because it’s pointless to resist

So I’m phoning it in
I don’t know what else to do
Giving in to my sins
And the truth is so are you

 - February 2018 -