Peel Me A Grape

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I’m gonna’ peel me a grape
Do the Loco-Motion in my roller skates
Pay top dollar for 35 acres somewhere just outside of Salt Lake
I can hardly wait

I’m gonna’ peel me a peach
Stop by anytime we can have one each
And we’ll hit the beach because you know that I practice what I preach
That’s a figure of speech

I’m gonna’ peel me an apple
Ridin’ down a one way street on my camel
Chew that sucker in downtown Seattle on the way to the chapel
Set a damn good example

I’m gonna’ peel me a kiwi
Only one ‘cuz I don’t wanna’ get greedy
Slice and dice it nice and easy in my yellow polka dot bikini
Aw it’s gonna’ be dreamy

I’m gonna’ peel me a melon
Just how long it’s gonna’ take there ain’t no tellin’
Share with Kevin, Helen, Nelson, Stella, Devon, and several other fella’s I reckon’
Make sure none of ‘em get jealous

I’m gonna’ peel me an orange

 - May 2020 -                                                                                                                                #353