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When something breaks don’t just throw it away
That’s why God made duct tape so silvery gray
What was lackluster last night can shine again today
And thank God for that ‘cuz I’ve seen better days

Everything looked good when I started this trip
Then I hit me an iceberg ‘cuz I didn’t see the tip
Right now I’m held together with prayer and paper clips
But I can’t afford to abandon ship

Stitches in my jeans
Stitches in my heart
Snitches get stitches
Oh shit this just got dark

Fix these ripped up rags
Plug up all the holes
Who knows how to sew
Save my mortal soul

Gimme’ patches
I need a few patches

There’s patches made of denim and others from elastic
Some are in the basement the rest are in the attic
I got ‘em on my fingers, my toes, my boxers and my jacket
Patches? Si amigo, I need some stinkin’ patches

 - February 2023 -                                                                                                                      #649